Outfitting the Dutch tool chest

With the chest completed it’s finally time to start adding some of the tool holders and begin filling it. The goal is to have all of the regularly used tools easily accessible in the upper, main compartment and the specialty items in the lower. The floor of the main compartment will hold the three bench […]

If you have to ask the question…

While I may voraciously devour books, articles and videos on woodworking, this does not count as experience. I’m an amateur at best when it comes to traditional woodworking and I only have a limited amount of hands-on-tools time that I would count as experience. That’s not to say that every trip into the shop isn’t […]

Dutch Tool Chest Build – Part V

The back of the tool chest will be composed of several pieces of pine, which will help it to accommodate any seasonal wood movement. The back pieces need to be joined to help keep dust and moisture out, and it’s aesthetically more pleasing. Options for this joint include the shiplap and the tongue and groove. I chose the tongue […]