Thanks Tom!

This past weekend the shop received an incredible new addition. I’ve been wanting a lathe for some time. After much deliberation and visiting my friend Larry to see his lathes, I was ready to make the purchase. What a disaster. I purchased a mid-size lathe from a major manufacturer with a bed extension so that I’d […]

Hardware for the Dutch Tool Chest

I contacted blacksmith John Switzer of the Black Bear Forge in Beulah Colorado to make the hardware for the Dutch Tool Chest. Well, those pieces arrived last week and they are even better than I could have imagined! Every piece is incredibly well made and beautiful. The hardware includes the lifts for the sides, the […]

Dutch Tool Chest Build – Part V

The back of the tool chest will be composed of several pieces of pine, which will help it to accommodate any seasonal wood movement. The back pieces need to be joined to help keep dust and moisture out, and it’s aesthetically more pleasing. Options for this joint include the shiplap and the tongue and groove. I chose the tongue […]