Tool Storage Woes

The current tool storage solution.
The current tool storage solution.

As I’ve slowly begun to unpack and see the floor of my new shop it’s become possible to start in on my long list of projects. I’ve been needing a better solution for storing my hand tools other than the re-purposed bookshelf.  The main concern here is getting the tools out of direct contact with dust and warm, humid air of southeastern Texas. This place needs some serious rust prevention.

While I’ve been wanting to build the Anarchist’s Tool Chest since Christopher Schwarz published the book of the same name, the task seemed a bit much for my first hand tool project with its fully dovetailed carcase. I wanted to build a chest that would take a few weekends of work (not half a year ), so I decided on the Dutch Tool Chest design also resuscitated by Chris. Additionally, it didn’t hurt that he recently completed a video on building the chest with Lie-Nielsen. I love the simplicity of this chest and some of it’s not so obvious but interesting features, such as the fall-front and sliding lock. The plan is to build the small version of the chest and add a Campaign style matching lower unit on casters so that the chest will be at a comfortable height to work out of. With any luck I should be able to fit most of my hand tools including the saws and chisels in the chest.

Handsaw and chisel storage.
Current handsaw and chisel storage.

So the decision is made and it’s off to the home center for some pine 1 x 12’s.

P.S. I hear Chris is working on a video of the Anarchist’s Tool Chest for the books 5th anniversary, maybe I will have to try and tackle all those dovetails.

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