‘Handworks is a gathering of like-minded hand tool makers for the purpose of promoting the beauty of hand woodworking and the tools that go along with it.’ The exhibitors list is essentially a ‘who’s who’ of the most renowned and respected makers of hand tools, craftsmen and women in modern hand tool woodworking. Hosted in […]

A Lesson in Leg Geometry

I’ve seen little shop time the last few weeks, but that’s not for the worst reason. The weather has been beautiful and the backyard has needed an overhaul, so it’s received some much needed attention. I have been able to sneak in a bit of time to start my next project for the shop though, […]

A New Favorite?

Considering one of my favorite tools is the beading plane made by Caleb James, I couldn’t resist the recent opportunity to order another tool from Caleb. The best part was the perfect timing, as I hope to use this on an upcoming project. The tool is a traditional spokeshave, as you might gather from the […]

Outfitting the Dutch tool chest

With the chest completed it’s finally time to start adding some of the tool holders and begin filling it. The goal is to have all of the regularly used tools easily accessible in the upper, main compartment and the specialty items in the lower. The floor of the main compartment will hold the three bench […]

If you have to ask the question…

While I may voraciously devour books, articles and videos on woodworking, this does not count as experience. I’m an amateur at best when it comes to traditional woodworking and I only have a limited amount of hands-on-tools time that I would count as experience. That’s not to say that every trip into the shop isn’t […]